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Boggan concept art

The Boggans are Mandrake's henchmen and one of the secondary antagonists of the film Epic.

About them

The Boggans are mostly like dead boggles and mosquitos. The bats may be also called Boggans but it is unknown if they are really called such. The Boggans are somewhat clumsy and dull compared to their leader, but they are fearless when it comes to war and battle.


  • Mandrake has two soliders that guard him; A boggan and a mosquito.
  • The boggans in the movie create rot of the forest, but in typical mythology only boggans who live indoors create decay. Usually, 'outdoor' boggans are crueller and are noted for kidnapping children. The boggans are all members of Mandrake's army.
  • Most of them are armed with bows and arrows and others with clubs.
  • They ride black ravens.