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Grub is a snail, and the secondary tritagonist. During the pod ceremony, it was shown that he always dreamed of becoming a Leafmen. In the end, he becomes a Leafmen.


Grub is a good friend to Mub. Grub is very clever with outwitting his enemies using various tactics.


  • Grub is a snail, while Mub is a slug in the film.
  • Grub is voiced by Chris O'Dowd.
  • Grub is a male.
  • Grub's name is also word for insect eggs- larvae.
  • He has a strange accent.
  • Grub and Mub were the two charcters to be comical and serious.
  • He becomes the first snail to be a Leafman.
  • Grub serves as the secondary triagonist of the film.