Mary Katherine
Mary Katherine (nicknamed M.K.) is a normal teenager, but she is shrunk, and now finds that she and her new friends must save a world unknown to humans. She is Nod's love interest and later his girlfriend after they officially kiss. She is the main protagonist of Epic.

Physical Appearence

Mary Katherine is a good-looking 17 year-old. She has big green eyes, red hair, and a fair complexion. She usually puts her hair in a ponytail. M.K. has bangs. In the movies, she wears a purple hoodie, black skirt, boots, and black leggings. She caught the attention of Nod and the slug named Mub. On one ear, she has two ear piercings. 


M.K. is a very sweet natured tomboy. She cares for people who are dear to her such as Nod, Ozzy, and her dad. She is very adventurous and believes in herself, but can also be skeptical at times. She starts to fall in love with Nod when he takes her on a deer ride. After they kiss they become a official couple. Still she is very serious teenager.


  • Nod

She caught the attention of Nod, and he caught her attention. They fall in love throughout the film and eventually kiss. After that they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Their special saying to each other is, "Put your arms around me.". First said when MK (Mary Katherine) and Nod were on a bird flying.  Second said when Nod takes M.K. on a deer ride. Third said when M.K. is being transported back to her regular size.

  • Mub

Mub is smitten to Mary Katherine. Mary Katherine thought Mub was a talking snail. Mub is a good friend to Mary Katherine, and told her he was a slug. At the end she told Mub and Nod to stop fighting over her.

  • Grub

Grub is one of Mary Katherine's good friends who is a snail. They are not seen toghether much though.

  • Professor Bomba

Professor Bomba is M.K.'s father who studies the Leafmen. At first she wanted her dad to stop his but she shrunk and realized that her father was right about the Leafmen this whole time. In the end, she becomes his assistant to continue the research.


  • Mary Katherine  cares for people, who are dear to her such as Nod, Ozzy, and her father.
  • Mary Katherine is the main protagonist of the film.
  • She is the first human that got shrunk and helped the Leafmen.