Nod is a rookie Leafman and an excellent pilot when it comes to flying birds. He becomes Mary Katherine's boyfriend in the movie and are one of the main characters in the movie. He is very rebellious, which often leads him into trouble, having Ronin coming to his rescue. 

Back Story

In the movie Epic, Nod is an outgoing, gentle, and cheerful Leafman. Nod's father is often mentioned in the story. Ronin describes him as a respected and experienced fellow soldier. It is mentioned that Ronin had promised to take care of Nod. It is understood throughout the movie that Nod's father had fallen in battle to the Boggans. It is unknown what happened to Nod's mother.


Mary Katherine: When Nod first meets Mary after she was shrunken down, she immediately captures his attention with her good looks, and he catches her attention as well. When he later takes M.K. on a deer ride, they begin to fall in love and share something in common.  They both lost a parent whom they were incredibly close to. When Mary is being transported back to her original size by the new queen, they embrace and kiss each other on the lips for the first time. When Mary later contacts him through one of Bomba's cameras, it is confirmed they are now a couple. Their special sentence to each other is "Put your arms around me".

Ronin: Serves as Nod's second father.