Bomba no mountain

Professor Bomba is Mary's dad, and the person that discovered the leafmen.


He is a very kind and caring father who wanted to chase a dream that he is succeeding in doing.  He at first only focused on his work, but then he realized that he cared about his daughter even more.

Role in the film

In the film, Bomba has been researching the Leafmen all his life and tries to find them. His daughter, Mary Katherine thinks that he is crazy until she is shrunk. When she and her friends go his house, he sees Mary and faints from shock. Later, he decides to give up his research, thinking he's been insane for years but changes his mind when he sees the push pin on his map where the Leafmen territory is. After locating M.K., he uses his iPod to make bat sounds, causing the bats to follow him. Later, he reunites with his daughter and continues his research along with her.


  • He has an iPod
  • He is the first person that discovered the Leafmen.
  • His first name is Radcliffe
  • He was born May 14, 1952. 
  • He was fooled into thinking the leafmen were in one part of the forest, yet they were in another. He found saddles and a lot of their enemy's armor which came in handy for M.K.