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Queen Tara
is a protagonist of Epic, and love interest of Ronin. She was queen of the forest until she was murdered in an ambush; she is the one shrunk Mary Katherine and gives her the pod that blooms for the next heir. She had sacrificed herself to save the forest.


Ronin- Tara is good friends with Ronin and it seems that he has a crush on her ever since they were children.

Flower child- Tara idolizes the child when the Boggans attacked and the child says that Tara is her hero. When the pod blooms, the flower child will be chosen as the new queen.

Mary Katherine- Before Tara dies, M.K. catches her and Tara shrinks her after giving her the pod. It is made obvious that she shrunk M.K. because she felt like that she could trust her to protect the heir pod.


Queen Tara is a kind and gentle queen. She is also frequently seen smiling and she cheers up her subjects like Ronin


  • Queen Tara was the female character to be first killed during the ambush.
  • She is voiced by Beyonce Knowles
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